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it doesn’t matter if you have 

  • one cut
  • ten cuts
  • one hundred cuts
  • deep cuts
  • thin cuts
  • any cuts

if someone is hurting enough to take a blade to their skin do not fucking criticize them or yell at them.

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whoever created chinese food is my hero

probably the chinese


all the people around me are falling in love and im just here falling asleep

❝ I hate when people say “You don’t need him,” because they are right I don’t need him, but I want him more than anything and that is infinitely worst. ❞

— yesssss (via someonedrankmysoda)

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❝ Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists things were better than they seemed. ❞

Michelle K., I Can’t Stop Questioning It. (via milk-boxes)
❝ I want alcohol so strong, that it burns your name out of my throat. ❞

— it’s a sad life (via complite)

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"oh my god stop criticizing young girls who like 50 Shades of Gray or Twilight you can’t tell them what they can and can’t read"

no we can’t but we have to protect young girls from mistaking abusive behavior for genuine affection at all costs


i have unlimited texting and i only text 3 people ever i think my phone company looks at my bill and just laughs


fuck summer i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october

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choking on water is the worst because how do you stop choking? drink something? well ive got some bad news for you